Why did I call this blog The Anxious Banana you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you why…because it was either going to be the anxious banana or the crazy nut…or the complete fruit and nut case! And quite frankly, the anxious, crazy, complete fruit and nut case was way way way too long!!! So the anxious banana was born!


Plus, a banana a day is supposed to keep anxiety away!! So not only am I a complete fruit and nut case but I can also offer you great tips on keeping anxiety at bay! My top one is stay asleep!! Because if you wake at all, it may just jump on you!!! Another great tip, stay away from drink! As in drink drink, like alcoholic drink, oh and coffee too! I never never never go near them! Although I have to admit I reaaalllly neeeed a coffee after a few too many glasses of wine the previous night! Oh and a coffee first thing in the morning is lovely! But other than that I never go near them! And the wine thing only ever happens once in a full moon! I could say blue but I can’t start off our blogging relationship based on lies lol


So who am I you ask? Well I’m a young, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, lady (shut up people who know me), who happens to have shared my life to date with…no not a banana, that would be very very weird, but yes anxiety!! That wonderful feeling of anxiety! We have been together now for pretty much all my life! My family laugh at the memory of a cute little four year old asking my doting proud mother…..’how will I pay my mortgage mammy?’ Funny thing is, I had no bloody idea what a mortgage was and even funnier is I’m still trying to figure how to pay one!! But yes, even back then, so long ago, (not that long), I was riddled with good old anxiety!


It’s like a horrible relationship gone wrong! It’s fully committed to me even though I’ve tried to break up with it sooooo many times!! Yeah sure it may sulk a little and get all stubborn leaving me in peace for a few days, but then back it comes, running back into my closed arms! Grabbing me in a big bear hug telling me it’s missed me, how it will never leave me again! It will make up for the few days it left me!!!


So I thought seen as we are together I may as well write about it! Sure why not! I hope to bring you many stories that will make you smile or maybe even giggle a little! I hope I can reach out to you through this blog if you suffer anxiety and I hope to bring you information, great articles and book reviews on techniques and methods of how to lesson the anxiety monster! I sincerely hope you enjoy what my blog have to offer!