The Anxious Banana

Worried Banana

Who am I? Depends on what day you are asking!!!


But the ‘Anxious Banana’ is a good giveaway! Because half the time I’m anxious and the other half I’m just bananas!!! Lol I have a great husband and two wonderful girls that keep me on my toes! My blog was born as I simply love to write and what better subject to write about than something I know so well eh! My hope is that you will enjoy reading my posts as they will be raw honesty yet light hearted, for the most part anyway! But I also hope to share my thoughts, ideas, survival techniques and everything else surrounding anxiety and depression that have worked for me in the hope that maybe just maybe it can also be of help to someone out there simply having a crap day!!!


  1. Oooh how interesting …I’m
    Looking forward to reading your blog, sounds like it will be some light hearted relief xx

    1. Dennis I hope you find it helpful, I’m passionate about speaking out about mental health and playing my part in fighting back against the stigma of it all! X

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