What causes depressive episodes? Answers on a postcard please….

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Here’s the confusing thing, I’m living a happy life, I have everything I need, I’ve a wonderful husband, two amazing kids, the cutest dog, gorgeous sisters, lovely parents, great in-laws, brilliant friends, just published a book that’s doing so well and yet……. I still experience periods of complete anxiety and despair!!!

Why? Why, why, why, why, why???

So far The Anxious Banana has been about my story of depression and anxiety. It’s great to open up and tell it as it is and hopefully help someone out there going through the same crap. But there has to be more that can be done! There has to be more to depression and anxiety than anti-depressant medication and anti-anxiety pills. I want to take a serious look at how we live our lives and see if we are unbeknownst to ourselves setting our mental health up for failure all the time!

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to examine some of the factors I believe may play a major role in the onset of a depressive episode.

Factors I want to examine specifically are having no routine, alcohol (dear God please prove me wrong on this….I love my wine, Amen) coffee (I’m a coffee lover so this one pains me also lol) what we eat, how much water we drink, stress, exercise (or for me lack of it lol), triggers and of course hormones and contraception.

Plus one factor that I am just weirdly interested in but not yet sure what I think about it…the moon! Lunacy…yes lunacy? Is there any truth to it? I’m going to explore that issue more also and see what’s the story there!

For each post, I endeavor to research as much as I can and from my findings, present what is still really only MY opinion. I’ll do my best to post statistics and facts but what I take from them will be my own understanding, so agree or disagree with me to your hearts content. I hope to follow the healthy advice I come across and report on any changes in my mood! Though I hope my mood will be good for the most part.

The first factor I’m going to look at is having no set routine! So, I’ll be back to you next week with my findings 🙂

These factors may I add are by no means an exhausted list, I know there are so many factors that cause depression. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything you feel you would like to share also that would be for the greater good of all us anxious bananas out there!

Thanks for reading!

Regards from The Anxious Banana x

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