This too shall pass….it really will, so hold on and ride out the storm!


This too shall pass. Such an old and well used saying but how true it is. So true in fact, that those four little words have helped me out of many a black hole.

Depression is a nasty illness that shows no racial or gender preference, it also shows no respect for people’s lives or the timing in which it chooses to show up.

I have yet to figure out what actually causes me to become depressed, is it a trigger, or hormones, or what I eat, what I think, or alcohol even? I’ve even wondered does the full moon play a part in it! For all the years I have had bouts of depression, I still cannot predict the day it’s going to leap out at me!

I’m definitely not alone there! Sometimes it can be like a sneaky little bully that just jumps on us for no reason. There have been many occasions I’ve wondered why, why, why….why do I feel this way? I have everything I want so why do I feel like this?

What’s ‘this’ like for me..well I guess you can say it’s pretty crap! When I experience a bout or a period of depression, I completely change from being an out going sociable confident happy woman with a mission or ten in life to being a shell of a person. I lose all my confidence straight away, become disillusioned with life and I tend to analyse my life purpose to the last, I tend to get very spiritual and question God a lot on why I’m here. My head feels so full of ‘stuff’ that at times I think it is actually going to explode. When that feeling passes I’m left with a numbness almost. A feeling of hopelessness that is heart breaking. There is no light and it feels like there will be no end to the dark feeling. It’s seems impossible to claw my way back to being ‘my old self’ again.

And that’s exactly why this old adage is so so important! In these times of darkness I constantly remind myself that this too shall pass. Although I’ve lost hope and the ability to see any positivity for the future I always hold onto that saying. This too shall pass. In my darkest hours I may not believe it but I still repeat it to myself! Over and over.

For me, I need rest. Just the very same as if I have a physical illness. If I had the flu or a bug I’d stay at home and rest to heal. The same with depression, I need to just rest my body and my head. Thankfully for me now, a dark depressive episode that composes of the extreme feelings mentioned above, will only last a matter of 24/48 hours. When I was a teenager they would last weeks, months even!

Educating myself on depression and doing a lot of work on myself has really helped. CBT in particular really helped me. But believe me, no matter how hard things get in my head, I will always tell myself that old saying, this too shall pass! I’ve no doubt it has played a major role in my darkness lifting.

So if you tend to suffer also, with depression or anxiety like I do, keep those four words ‘this too shall pass’ at the very fore of your thinking. When you feel like all hope is lost, say them, say them again and when your finished saying them…guess what..say them again! Even if you don’t feel any truth from them just keep saying them. Keep feeding your subconscious those words and I truly believe they help us come back to our true self.

Thanks for reading and I genuinely hope this post can help you or someone you love. X

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