After many years of battling a false and vindictive claim against me it has finally come to an end! Thank God.

Without going into too much detail, basically I was accused of something that I did not do.

For the past few years I’ve been standing my ground, with the support of my insurance company, my family and my friends. Without whom, I’d have totally given into a black hole over the whole bloody thing!

But there was also one other thing that kept me going…my determination, my eagerness, my hunger for justice.

How dare people treat us like money making idiots. I suppose I was expected to sit back and allow myself to be intimidated by terrible lies, solicitor letters and talk of court.

Hell no, bring it on! Let me take ‘the’ stand and let me MAKE A STAND! A stand for what’s right, what’s decent and what’s fair.

In reality we don’t live in a just world. We don’t! In a crazy round about way, even through my innocence and the inability to say otherwise….money was still made!

Not a bad days work either for the amount made off my insurance company! But it ain’t gonna buy a conscience, or pure human decency so what good is it!

Now there is two choices here.

Choice one being….moan and groan about how ridiculous it is people can make money off other innocent people. Give out about it and carry the injustice of it around with me for days, weeks, months or even years!


Choice two…..just let it go. Move on. Put it behind me. Learn from the whole experience.

That’s the key thing about experiences in life. We learn from them. Then use what we’ve learned for future situations or even as learning experiences for those around us.

My lesson here is one I’ll pass onto my children. It’s a harsh reality lesson. Life isn’t always fair. And no, justice doesn’t always prevail. But it’s what we have in our hearts is what counts. When we put our heads down to sleep at night knowing we have good hearts, then we can sleep easy!

Another valuable lesson is important here also. For me and for mental health it’s a vital one. Basically, it’s not the being treated unfairly that matters, it’s how we deal with it that counts! And how we deal with it, is to plough on through life despite the injustice of the situation. Not to dwell on the negatives or the unfairness of it all. Because that could potentially drive us right into that black hole again. See it as an experience, no matter how big or how small. Some experiences in life are positive and some of course are negative. That’s life! That’s the way it rolls. But we learn to push through the negative as best we can and fight for what’s right. And that fight might even be as much as getting up in the morning and pulling the curtains over. And moving on with our day.

So I guess to sum up my lesson from my experience. I know in my heart what happened and I know I can hold my head up high. And I’m not going to let the unfairness of the situation drag me down!

Whoever you are and whatever you’re going through in life, know your heart is good and you have the strength to push through it also!

Thanks for reading x